John Knox Community Preschool
Getting Ready for School!

Orientation packets will be mailed in mid-August.  Paperwork Due September 1st

September 4th – Thursday Evening

Parent Orientation for all classes

September 5th – Classrooms and Teacher Open House

September 8th – First Day of School, Lunch Bunch and Enrichment also begin


Ways to help your child prepare for their PreK year…

  1.   Count EVERYTHING! 
  2.   Read to them as well as read WITH them.  Have your child flip the pages of a favorite book, telling you the story in their own words.  Grab a book for yourself and the two of you have a time of silent reading.
  3.  Practice Patience.  Expect your child to sit at meal time for twenty to thirty minutes


Ways to help prepare your child for preschool…

  1.    Have them use the potty completely independently. 
  2.   Read, Read, Read!
  3.    Playdates to practice sharing and using their words.
  4.   Talk, Talk, Talk…tell them stories and facts, then have them tell you!
  5.    Have them pick-up small objects and move to another container. (fine motor)

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