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Guide Dog ‘Alan’ is working!


For those of you familiar with Teacher Kelly and her guide puppies you may remember Alan.  Alan accompanied Teacher Kelly on many occasions to preschool during his ‘Puppy Training’.  It was sad to watch him leave for training but exciting as well since he had done so well as a pup.  We all knew Alan was the smartest, most handsome and best potential guide dog ever!

Very gratifying for Teacher Kelly and her family when they found out that Alan had passed all the necessary levels for getting a ‘Job’ and was placed with a teacher.  Obviously God knew that Alan needed Teacher Kelly as a puppy raiser so he could be exposed to classroom living.

Below is a link to a Canadian Morning show clip of Alan’s new raiser – his ’employer’ of sorts.  Watching the clip you will see what an amazing friend he has in Victoria and you will also catch a few glimpses of Alan ‘At work’, laying very still with his eyes on her the whole time.

We miss Alan but are so proud of him!  We are truly blessed as a preschool to be included in Teacher Kelly’s guide puppy ministry.

Victoria and Alan

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