John Knox Community Preschool
Newest Classmates

Welcome Russell Wilson and Miss Rosie!

They joined Teacher Tanya and Teacher Kim’s classroom today, the Highroad Kids.

How fun it was for the kids to meet their new class pets.  The kids were fascinated and eager to show people the new additions, although there was at least one classmate who wasn’t so sure.  We’ll see how long it takes for them to warm-up, I expect it’ll be tomorrow sometime.

The kids participated in naming the fish.  I wonder if they named one Russel Wilson because of the blue or because we just experienced a great Seahawk win over the Broncos?

If your preschooler would like to stop by room 8 after preschool to meet Russell and Rosie I’m sure Teachers Tanya and Kim would be delighted to introduce you.

fish at preschooltanya's Fish

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