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Playing it SAFE on Halloween

The perfect storm of preschool fun!

 What could be better than getting dressed up as your favorite superhero or princess and all your friends getting dressed up and parading in front of people and knocking on doors and getting candy?

For a preschooler – NOTHING!

except for Christmas or their 5th Birthday

Enjoying Halloween with your little goblins means planning ahead.  Safety needs to be the first priority.  Below are some tips to help ensure your holiday is safe and memorable for all the right reasons.


  • Lighten up!  Use reflective tape, flashlights and glow sticks to ‘Light up your child’
  • Size it right. It doesn’t take a seamstress to hem the princesses dress…use duct tape on the underside, you’ll be glad you did.  Tripping and falling is never fun!
  • No masks. Masks make it very difficult for children to see where they are going which has obvious negative impacts implications.
  • Skip the props.  Props are a lot of fun for pictures but not so much when out and about. Plastic swords, pokey princess wands and the like can pose great safety risks should your child wield them into a friend (or you) and 5 minutes into your adventure you will be carrying them anyway.

Trick or Treating

  • Take time to discuss with your child different costumes they may see while trick or treating. Come up with a plan for when they feel afraid.  For example: a giant zombie is walking down the street, don’t turn around and run leaving your child to defend themselves. Instead, have your child hold your hand and describe to you what they see.  You could help them figure out how that nice person made their costume.
  • Always carry a flashlight…or two. Hint: test it before you leave the house to make sure it works, iPhones can work in a pinch but why get in a pinch?
  • Write your child’s name, your name, address and phone number on a piece of paper pinned to inside of their costume.  In the event they get separated from you (think: zombie sighting)  they’ll be able to communicate clearly with an adult how to get a hold of you.
  • Avoid allowing your child to eat their new treats while trick or treating.  All candies should be inspected before being consumed…this will also make you aware of what candy they have which is helpful for after they’ve gone to bed.
  • Stay on sidewalks, only visit well-lit homes and avoid haunted mansions.

Better yet…Trunk or Treat!

This Friday, Halloween, from 6:00 – 7:30pm in the John Knox South Parking Lot will be our annual Trunk or Treat event.

This event is an excellent way to safely take your family trick or treating.  You’ll get to see lots of other families, costumes and decorations.  Your children will not be disappointed by their acquisition of loot!


Blessings for a safe Halloween,



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