John Knox Community Preschool

We were blessed today to have ‘A Place for Pets’  visit our school this morning.  The kids were so excited to touch the snake, pet the bunny and witness a large tarantula crawling around. There were also encounters with baby rats, mice and a parrot.  It was impressive to watch the children bravely engage with the animals and ask great questions.  Lots of hands-on learning happened today!

Did you know that Meelie Worms are a great source of protein without the fat content.  It’s predicted that by 2015 the majority of us will include these little guys in our diet.  I’m happy to donate mine to the bearded dragons since they find worms especially appealing. We got to see the the bearded dragon grab a worm with the sticky end of his tongue.  I’m certain I saw him smile!

Thank you to Teacher Tanya for organizing this amazing in-house field trip and thank you ‘A Place for Pets’ for bringing your friends to our school.  We LOVED them!





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