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Surviving Summer…and loving it!

Summertime and the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high
Your daddy’s rich and your ma is good lookin’
So hush, little baby, don’t you cry…


I’ve often changed the last line to “so hush, little Marla, don’t you cry…”  In the spirit of transparency, I admit that I dreaded summer break with my kids. No judgment folks.  It is totally possible to love your children with your life while also dreading the summer break.  Their routine is changed, your routine is changed and you wonder…will I even get to shower in peace.  Sprinkler in the yard does not count.

If you are guiltily feeling this way – do not fear.  In my 22nd summers with children I have found a transition into LOVING summertime and it started with setting and communicating expectations. For myself and the kids.

I have three expectations from summer– Relax, Retain and Gain academic skills and have experiences that only summer can provide. Here is how my husband Rick and I worked together to make this happen.

Step One: Calendar the activities you want to see happen.  Of course this means vacations, play dates and hikes but it also means things like bedroom recon missions, back to school shopping and perhaps the garage.  Most importantly, schedule dates with your spouse sans kids and fun with your friends (also sans kids!).

Step Two: Build a reasonable routine for your days, this will be your sanity saver! A repeat of the same order of activities each day (including a non-negotiable hour of silence) alleviates your need to negotiate with children, as well as ensuring that academics and chores won’t be forgotten.

Step Three: One day at a time!  Matthew 6:34 tells us ‘Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.’ I won’t guilt you into enjoying your kids with statements like ‘they’ll be gone before you know it’ but I will encourage you to focus purely on the moment you are in.  (Unless it’s a bad moment, then I would say sneak some chocolate!)  We all know that ‘this too shall pass’ but what we don’t often think about is how do we want to remember ‘passing’ that moment.

Know that we will miss your family this summer!  Follow us on Twitter for the latest happenings as we will be posting playdate opportunities throughout the summer.  You can also find this information on our website

Blessings for an awesome summer,



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