Welcome to John Knox Community Preschool

Preschool is a place for growing, learning, curiosity, discovery and fun!   At John Knox we purpose to  promote the spiritual, social, cognitive, and language growth of each child.  As a faith based preschool we infuse the love of Jesus throughout all we do!

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We are guided by our four pillars:

 Pillar-144x300Spiritual Development

John Knox Community Preschool is a faith based program rooted in Biblical precepts.  We intentionally share the love of God through our actions, activities and lessons.  Each month we feature a scripture verse chosen to instill Christian character qualities.  Prayer is practiced in the classrooms as well as Christian songs, bible stories and children attend bi-monthly large group chapel services.’

Pillar-144x300Social Development

There is a body of research suggesting a strong link between young children’s social/emotional competence and long term school success.  We provide a safe, nurturing and positive environment in which kids learn to make friends.  Through dramatic play, classroom routines, intentional integration of self-awareness practices, children are positively moved towards lifelong positive social behaviors .

Pillar-144x300Language Development

Literacy, Literacy, Literacy!  The ability to understand and communicate is of the utmost importance for all ages.  At the preschool level children are adding about 6 new words a day to their vocabulary bank.  In support of this very important development we expose the kids to oodles of great developmentally appropriate literature, then discuss, play, sing, act, chant, pretend, investigate and create!

Pillar-144x300Cognitive Development

JKCP understands that Kindergarten readiness is of utmost important to parents and it is to us as well.   We offer academically challenging and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities.  Our staff continue to grow their knowledge of child development best practices and put those into action using thematic, center-based instruction.  Kindergarten entry assessments are tough and  JKCP graduates continue to tip the scales!