Age 4 by August 31st

Monday – Thursday 9:00 – 12:00
Monday – Thursday 12:30 – 3:30

Our Fours are exposed to many opportunities for creative self-expression as they explore the planned activities within the classroom learning centers. Our PreK teachers are incredibly talented, creative and highly qualified.  They recognize the importance of the PreK year for setting the stage for future academic growth and take that responsibility very serious…however, they have fun and enjoy the learning process with your children.

4 key developmental areas:

Pillar-144x300Spiritual – through songs, prayer, Bi-Monthly interactive chapel services, highly nurturing teachers and Bible stories, children are taught that there is a God who created them, the earth and sent his son Jesus as proof!  Children learn that they can talk to God always and he cares deeply for them.  We celebrate His birth, resurrection and love for us!

Pillar-144x300Academic – engaging ‘active’ activities build upon what they’ve learned in Preschool they continue to develop their fine motor skills, listening, early literacy, and kindergarten readiness skills.  Together with friends, they enjoy a circle time of interactive stories, music, movement, and sharing, all while gaining new skills and preparing them for the next step in their school experience. The program includes a balance of age-related themes, identifying and writing letters, pre-academic math, science exploration and so much more.

Pillar-144x300Social – At this age children are fully engaged in dramatic play. Using this natural interest teachers purpose to mix up play groups, engage children in dramatic play based on stories they’ve read (or written!) as well as ample opportunities to process relationship scenarios.

Pillar-144x300Emotional – encouraged through the pursuit of independent behaviors.  It is expected that children will be responsible for their own coats, shoes (we will help with tying:)) backpacks and projects.  There are different classroom ‘jobs’ that students are assigned to and it is with much pride and joy that they perform their job!  Teachers are very patient and kind with the students as they navigate new behaviors knowing that development is very individual and extremely important for future successes.

*Research shows us that children with excellent social skills and emotional maturity will naturally succeed academically.  In fact, children who possess these skills out-perform their peers who enter Kindergarten with strong academic skills but very low social/emotional development.