A Bridge to Kindergarten

Your child must be a Pre-Kindergarten student to Register.

Enrichment is offered either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday from 12:30 — 3:00 pm

Enrichment students will enjoy a parent-provided lunch immediately following their PreK morning. 

This transition gives them time to relax, enjoy lunch with friends and have free play before starting their afternoon at 12:30pm.

Standard Enrichment 

Building on a child’s natural curiosity, students are given opportunities to initiate, explore, investigate and create, naturally leading to an expanded understanding of their world. 

  • Hands-on science        
  • Art and artist exploration
  • Creative movement
  • Music
  • Literature
  • STEAM-focused learning experiences

spanish enrichment

This class is a program to enrich children’s understanding of the Spanish language. It is an immersive exploration of Spanish at a preschool level of understanding.

  • Explore phonemic elements of Spanish  
  • Learn songs, dance, and games
  • Basic Spanish vocabulary development – colors, numbers, calendar concepts, etc.
  • Cultural exploration
  • Literacy skills strengthened